The Project

The pilot project „Parcours der Gegenwart“ is a platform for digital networking of contemporary culture in Dresden, which aims to make contemporary culture accessible to a wider audience, using a Website, an App and Media Stations. Parcours der Gegenwart help’s people create customized urban tours according to their individual needs and interests and share their experiences with others. Starting with the connection of urban culture and research institutions, Parcours der Gegenwart develops an equal-level-network which does not only connect users with institutions and artists but also initializes collaboration. To realize the idea and the project, Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden were attained to act as initiator, along with other partners and supporters such as Technische Unveristät Dresden and DRESDEN-concept.
TBO INTERACTIVE Parcours der Gegenwart

Our Task

TBO INTERACTIVE was chosen to act as supporting partner for Parcours der Gegenwart and to develop the Corporate Identity, the Logo as well as the design and production of the responsive website.

TBO INTERACTIVE Parcours der Gegenwart


  • Concept
  • Production
  • Project Management